Room to let in one of my houses

September 27, 2009

One of the tenants at 40 Cawdor Road has decided not to return to university.  This means that the remaining 5 tenants are looking for someone to share with them.  You can see details on the website although these are geared for next years prices (it is a bit less this year as it does not include the internet which has to be paid for separately).  Email me through the website if you have any interest.

Virgin broadband

September 21, 2009

We have tried to install Virgin broadband in five of our houses.  The engineer was booked for the 1st July to coincide with the tenancy year.  We stood outside the alloted house for an hour and then just as we were giving up the engineer rolled up.  He had been sitting outside another of the properties and had been phoning our home telephone number in London instead of the mobile number.  The other problem we had that day (apart from them not connecting some of the installations properly) is that they had sent one engineer for 4 properties and another for one property.  So the engineer for the one property was given access by the old tenants who happen to be still there and did not phone us.  Of course the box was put in the wrong place and we had to call him back to do it again.  Now the tenants are back for the new term we are having problems still in one property where Virgin say there is a problem with the building!  This is three months on – will we ever be sorted?

New Term Begins

September 17, 2009

The new student term is about to begin and I believe most of my tenants are returning to Manchester this coming weekend in time to have fun at Freshers Week.  We always get a lot of phone calls at this time of year with new tenants finding things wrong with the property or just not knowing how things work.  Please call or email Chris Scott (all contact details on the notice board in each property).  If you need to speak to me than ring my mobile (not my home number as I don’t always pick up messages there).  Good luck with the new college year.

Louise is going on holiday

September 1, 2009

Just to let all tenants know that Louise will be out of the country from 1st to 6th September.  She will be on her mobile phone but beware it will cost a lot if you call her.  From time to time she will pick up her emails.  If tenants have problems in this period call Chris on 07761 011 183.