Christmas is over and Let’s celebrate New Year

December 30, 2014

For all you Manchester students who are at home enjoying the holiday – or perhaps revising for exams!- remember to start looking for accommodation for next year. Yes it seems to be so early but if you are a big group then try to secure your group so you can go looking for houses or flats when you get back to Manchester. The larger houses always go first. Not sure why so don’t miss the opportunity. Look on as we still have some fabulous accommodation which has the distinction of being well managed. So no worries when you move in next summer. Enjoy the new year celebrations

New student accommodation

May 22, 2014

Louise and Amir have developed their business and now have available a block of eight apartments for renting to students.  This is in addition to the other six properties available through Manchester Lettings

The new apartments are quite different and are on Boundary Lane.  Look on the website.  They are stylishly furnished with every bedroom having an en-suite shower room.  Every flat has a lovely lounge/kitchen/dining area with a large flat screen TV.  In addition there is a communal room with a humongous TV, table tennis table and area to socialise.  To top it all, the flats are wonderfully situated for the centre of town so you have walking access to all the night life, university buildings and even ASDA.  So check out the accommodation we have left for summer rentals and for the next academic year.


We are back on line

May 21, 2014

After a long silence I am starting placing blogs again for A lot has happened since my last block which was literally years ago. Our business has taken a side ways move. We now have six properties to rent to students in the Manchester area. Only one is still available for rent from July 2014: that is a lovely flat on Clifton Avenue. Check out Flat 2, 17 Clifton Avenue . It is an unbelievable price of £83per week which includes everything! Utilities, broadban, TV licence.

Keep reading there is more to follow.


January 5, 2010

In all my properties, please keep the heating going to prevent frozen pipes – even if you are not there.  It is probably worth keeping the heating on 24 hours when the temperatures are subzero to keep the house at a fairly contant temperature.  If the heating breaks down let us know immediately.

New Term Begins

September 17, 2009

The new student term is about to begin and I believe most of my tenants are returning to Manchester this coming weekend in time to have fun at Freshers Week.  We always get a lot of phone calls at this time of year with new tenants finding things wrong with the property or just not knowing how things work.  Please call or email Chris Scott (all contact details on the notice board in each property).  If you need to speak to me than ring my mobile (not my home number as I don’t always pick up messages there).  Good luck with the new college year.

Louise is going on holiday

September 1, 2009

Just to let all tenants know that Louise will be out of the country from 1st to 6th September.  She will be on her mobile phone but beware it will cost a lot if you call her.  From time to time she will pick up her emails.  If tenants have problems in this period call Chris on 07761 011 183.

Contacting landlords

August 25, 2009

Just to make it clear how to contact me.  You can email me on or phone 07887703520.  These are the best two ways to get hold of me.  This applies to all tenants and prospective tenants.