BT broadband

July 27, 2009

We decided in March as landlords that we would try to provide broadband in all our properties for the new rental year that has just started.  Well so started a roller coaster of events and hours (yes literally) on the phone.  We have stories about BT, Sky and VirginMedia.  This blog is about the BT experience which is still ongoing. 

One of our properties is a block of four flats.  This only adds to the confusion as sometimes the Flat number is not recorded correctly and it ends up with BT and ourselves talking at cross purposes.  One flat we took over the line from current tenants.  This seems to have gone smoothly but it is not active at the moment as we have barred the calls and not added the broadband as the tenants want Sky (look at forthcoming blogs).  The second flat we were assured would come live with broadband in then next 10 days (scheduled for 20th July) and the third one an engineer needed to call (not sure why).  We are still waiting for the second flat to come live.  The order could not be found and after 2 hours on the phone BT decided to start with a new order which should be live on 31st July.  What’s the betting this happens this time?

New tenants move in

July 23, 2009

I am afraid I have been remiss at keeping up this blog.  The end of June to beginning of July is very busy for landlords.  We said goodbye to our old tenants and did inventories, chased rents, got estimates for repairs and for damaged items then I returned all the deposits.  At the same time the new tenants move in.  Again inventories, photos, teaching them about how to live in the property (intruder alarms, heating etc).  The last group of new tenants are coming to collect their keys this weekend.  Then that phase is complete.