March 21, 2009

All our properties are rented for the next academic year.  If any of my current tenants or forthcoming tenants want to contact me in from now till 6th April please ring 07785307545 or send an email to me on  Or you can email through the website.  In an emergency listen to the message on my mobile phone 07887703520.

March 10, 2009

I am still collecting in all the deposits and the documentation which relate to the renting of the properties from end of June 2009.  If you look on the website it will show possibly one or no properties.  This will be the case until November 2009 when the website is refreshed to show properties for rent from the summer 2010.  As each property is rented so it drops off the website which is why it looks like I don’t own any properties but it just means that I have none to rent at the moment.

All properties rented

March 4, 2009

All the properties on the website have been rented for the next academic year.  This represents the end of a very busy period for me.  At the moment I just have some final pieces of paperwork to collect in and a few deposits to sort out.  When you look on the website it will have no properties on it which may seem a bit wierd.  This website is dormant for about half the year as when the properties are let their details are hidden from view.  This saves me getting unnecessary phone calls.  It will not be resurrected until November next year in time for renting for 2010/2011.