If you want to view 40 Cawdor Road

February 13, 2009

Louise and Amir are away and out of contact from 14th February to 22nd February.  If you are interested in viewing our one remaining property on Cawdor Road then ring our property manager Chris 07761011183.  If you want to see details of this property look on the website.  If you click on the property it will give you more details and more pictures.

One property to rent

February 13, 2009

Well we have been very busy and rented all but one of our properties.  So when you look at the website it will only show 40 Cawdor Road.  In fact we have 15 properties in total and the other 14 have been reserved for the next academic year.

The properties are very popular

February 1, 2009

I have had lots of interest in all our properties over the last few weeks and many have been rented for the next academic year.  In order to finish off this rerenting season we have reduced the rent on five properties.  Look on the website at the flats in Clifton Avenue and the house at 34 Kingswood Road.  All five are good modern places to live and very convenient.