Christmas is over and Let’s celebrate New Year

December 30, 2014

For all you Manchester students who are at home enjoying the holiday – or perhaps revising for exams!- remember to start looking for accommodation for next year. Yes it seems to be so early but if you are a big group then try to secure your group so you can go looking for houses or flats when you get back to Manchester. The larger houses always go first. Not sure why so don’t miss the opportunity. Look on as we still have some fabulous accommodation which has the distinction of being well managed. So no worries when you move in next summer. Enjoy the new year celebrations


January 5, 2010

In all my properties, please keep the heating going to prevent frozen pipes – even if you are not there.  It is probably worth keeping the heating on 24 hours when the temperatures are subzero to keep the house at a fairly contant temperature.  If the heating breaks down let us know immediately.

Installation of sky

August 8, 2009

The tenants in one of our flats has decided to decline our offer of BT broadband and wants to install Sky.  The appointment was duly made but because this is a lower ground floor flat and has a special render I had my electrician on site to supervise the installation and to do the internal wiring at my expense.  The first time they came , the sky men hummed and haaed and then said they were going to get their equipment and were never seen again.  The second time – my electrician was on site- they failed to turn up.  The third time they said the building was too tall.  The fourth time a different special tall- building sky team came and they said the building was still too tall.   The saga continues.

The properties are very popular

February 1, 2009

I have had lots of interest in all our properties over the last few weeks and many have been rented for the next academic year.  In order to finish off this rerenting season we have reduced the rent on five properties.  Look on the website at the flats in Clifton Avenue and the house at 34 Kingswood Road.  All five are good modern places to live and very convenient.

Nearly the end of term

December 17, 2008

The end of term approaches and by now you should have an idea who you want to live with next year.  Now the problem is finding the right house or flat.  The advantage of renting one of our houses is that we give really good service to our tenants.  If anything goes wrong it is attended to as soon as possible and my property managers come once a week to the property to check everything is in working order.  So see what is still available on our website.