Ready for the start of term

January 8, 2015

You must all be preparing to return to Manchester after a wonderful time over Christmas and New Year (hopefully). Don’t forget your keys. There is at least one tenant every year that we have to bale out because they have left their keys at home.

If you now thinking of organising where you will live next year don’t forget to look on We have some well managed properties for 4, 5, and 7 tenants. Look forward to hearing from you.

Christmas is over and Let’s celebrate New Year

December 30, 2014

For all you Manchester students who are at home enjoying the holiday – or perhaps revising for exams!- remember to start looking for accommodation for next year. Yes it seems to be so early but if you are a big group then try to secure your group so you can go looking for houses or flats when you get back to Manchester. The larger houses always go first. Not sure why so don’t miss the opportunity. Look on as we still have some fabulous accommodation which has the distinction of being well managed. So no worries when you move in next summer. Enjoy the new year celebrations

April 22, 2009

The summer is with us or so the weather would lead us to believe.  It is the final term and I know that most of my tenants are concentrating on their exams.  But there is the small matter of moving out of the properties and moving in the new ones.  I shall be sending letters to both the leavers and new comers to organise the arrangements.  The website is now dormant until November.

The properties are very popular

February 1, 2009

I have had lots of interest in all our properties over the last few weeks and many have been rented for the next academic year.  In order to finish off this rerenting season we have reduced the rent on five properties.  Look on the website at the flats in Clifton Avenue and the house at 34 Kingswood Road.  All five are good modern places to live and very convenient.

Are interested in our properties for next year

January 10, 2009

Louise and Amir are away from 11th to 19th January.  If you want to contact us then please email through the website or on  If you want to see any of the properties on offer on the website then I have made arrangements for the current tenants to show you around.  Just knock on the door – early evening is often when people tend to be in.  If you want to make a specific appointment (if for example you are coming on a special trip to Manchester to view accommodation) or have difficulty gaining access then call or text Chris, the property manager on 07761011183.  Leave a message and he will return your call


January 10, 2009

At the moment we provide wireless routers in all our properties but expect the tenants to arrange their own broadband provision.  We realise that it would be a real bonus to our tenants if the broadband was already all set up when they move in.  The stumbling block has been that we cannot take responsiblity for the tenants phone line.  In the next few months we will investigate how to provide broadband to all our properties with a view to it being up and running in time for the new tenants moving in in July 2009.  To see the selection of our properties look on our website.

It is time to look for a property for next year

January 8, 2009

If you are a student at Mancheter University or Manchester Metropolitan then you may be looking for accommodation for the next year.  You will find a good range of properties on our website.  We have flats and houses with a range for 4 to 9 tenants.  All our properties are well situated in Fallowfield and Withington and are done up to a high standard.  All houses have a dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier.

Do you want to stay in the same property

December 30, 2008

Our current tenants have until 1st January 2009 to decide if they want to stay in the same property for the academic year 2009/2010.  After that I will update our website. 

There are already a number of properties reserved on the website.  Students will be looking at securing properties for next year at the start of the new term so do look at the website.

Happy New Year

December 30, 2008

Happy New Year to all our tenants.  Remember that you have until 1st Janaury to tell me if you want to stay in your property for the coming academic year.

New rents

November 13, 2008

We have made a big change this year.  We no longer divide the annual rent into 12 equal portions but now have half rent in July and August.  The result is that it looks like the rents have increased enormously but NO they have not.  It is just the allowance for the half rent for two months.  We hope that this will help our student tenants to manage their finances.